Tangsi Beach – Enjoy the Exoticism of the Pink Beach East Lombok

Tangsi beach - Pink beach of East Lombok
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Indonesia is home to more than 17,000 islands. Not surprisingly, this equatorial country has thousands of beautiful and stunning beaches. Of the many famous beaches in Indonesia, Pink Beach (Tangsi Beach) gets first place as the most beautiful beach according to lifestyle and fashion magazine, Vogue Korea. In addition to the exotic color of the pink sand, this beach also has a crystal clear water features with beautiful underwater beauty, as well as the expanse of hills with a vast meadow around him. Located on the eastern part of Lombok island, Tangsi beach is one of the three beaches in Asia and 10 known beaches in the world with pink sand. Read More…

What is the Best Flexible Tripod for Backpacking

adding a tripod to your traveling gear
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For those who like to capture the best moments during vacation, the presence of a tripod would be the best supporting tool of choice. For the traveler especially the backpacker, carrying a tripod is the most annoying, because sometimes the tripod makes the bag becomes full. One of the most important things to consider when choosing flexible tripod stand to accompany the tour is a short and lightweight. In addition to the matter of weight and dimensions, the supporting features become special points in choosing a tripod for this traveling. Read More…

Choosing a Mirrorless Camera for Traveling

best mirrorless camera for travel beginners
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The question of many people today is, do I need a mirrorless camera? If you are a photographer who photographed a lot in the studio and model, you need more high-end cameras to work. but if you are Travel Photographer and Travel blogger, or hobies who like to take pictures and walk during vacation. then the mirrorless camera fits with you. Short enough to put in the camera travel bag.  Mirrorless camera is a digital camera that began popular in 2008, has a similar shape DSLR camera, but with a smaller size and lightweight and do not use the mirror to look more concise. Mirrorless camera can be positioned as a combination of the superiority of the quality of DSLR camera photos with the practicality of a pocket camera. Because of that advantages then this compact mirrorless camera is chosen by the traveler to document their journey. Read More…

Taka Bonerate Island the Paradise of Divers

takabonerate marine national park
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Takabonerate is a beautiful archipelago in the southern peninsula of Sulawesi Island, also known as the “Kepulauan Macan”. Taka Bonerate which in local language (Bugis language) means “corals piled on sand or mounds of rocks in the sand”. Here there is Taka Bonerate Marine National Park which is an area of ​​220,000 hectares of atoll reef. It was identified as the largest atoll in Southeast Asia, and the third largest in the world after atoll Kwajilein in the Marshall Islands and atoll Suvadiva in the Maldives. This park confirmed as the 10th Biosphere Reserve (cagar biosfer) in Indonesia. Taka Bonerate features beautiful beaches with stunning coral reefs. Takabonerate boasts 526 species of colorful and strange reef fish as well as 112 species of macro algae. eventhough you surrounded by clean and healthy ocean environment, you’re not allow to fishing here and the rangers is really firm with their job, yet you will forget about fishing since tons of activities waiting you here. The charm of Taka Bonerate able to compete with the beauty of Maldives and Raja Ampat. Even the coral reefs owned by Takabonerate are far more beautiful than those two places, with some of the best spots for diving and snorkeling. This area consists of islands and lagoons, commonly formed from sand deposits and bioerosi (broken coral reefs and shells), which have undergone rounding, weathering to form young soils. In addition to dozens of taka and bungin there are also 21 small islands. The islands in Taka Bonerate area have a height of about 3-4 meters above sea level. Read More…

Easy Tips to Choose Car Rental in Jogjakarta for a Vacation

Jogja Car Rental
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Jogjakarta is one of the most famous heritage cities in Indonesia. Lots of unique tourist places that you can visit, besides of course a variety of typical culinary dish with a delicious taste, like Nasi Gudeg. When you plan to vacation to Jogjakarta, renting a car can be an appropriate alternative choice. Planning to go to Jogyakarta and tour around on our own. Is it safe to rent a car and drive on your own, or with a driver who is also a tour guide? Is it easy to get around. By renting a car, you can more freely to explore the various tourist destinations in Jogjakarta and surrounding areas. In addition to renting a car you can save money, practical, and more flexible and comfortable. Some car rentals even provide a one day tour package by car visiting various tourist attractions around jogja including Prambanan and Borobudur.

There are many car rentals in Jogjakarta like HAFA Rent Car, Astra, TRAC, Happy Tour, Nanda, Berlima and Gejayan Car Rental. You can see their contact address at the end of this post. Make sure you choose the best car rental in Jogjakarta and trusted to obtain all the above advantages maximally. Here are some tips you can follow: Read More…